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Wood Floor Maintenance

Maintaining a wood floor these days is pretty easy. Unlike times past, when people had to get down on their knees to buff their wax floors, taking care of wood floors today requires little effort. Like wood floors in the past, most should last the lifetime of your home. All they need is a little preventive maintenance. That involves protecting the finish from two things - scratches and moisture. If you avoid both of those, you’ve got a handle on most of your wood floor care.

To accomplish that, install floor protector pads on the bottom of all furniture. Place rugs at all entrances to the area. These rugs help trap grit and also absorb moisture before either one has a chance to affect your floor. The floor should be swept, vacuumed and/or dust mopped regularly to remove dirt and grit, and rugs should be shaken out frequently. Some manufacturers recommend lightly damp-mopping a floor, while other do not. Household dust treatments should never be used. High heels should be kept in good repair-if they lose protective cap, they will dent the surface of any floor. Those are the basics. For specific information consult the following tips:

- Always use manufacturer’s recommended cleaning products. If manufacturer is not known, use a generic hardwood floor cleaner available at local retail stores.

- Never, ever use a wax finish on top of a regular surface finish.

- Wipe up spills immediately with a lightly dampened cloth, and then follow up with a recommended cleaning product.

- For stubborn stains, lightly dampen a soft cloth with a manufacturer’s recommended cleaner or a generic hardwood floor cleaner. Apply directly to the stain and repeat as necessary.

- Never use petroleum- based cleaners on waterbased finishes.

- When the floor loses its luster, your floor needs help. A topcoat dressing may revive the floor’s appearance. If not, it’s time for the floor to be recoated- contact us, we always glad to help.


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